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Guy Proposes With Grandmother’s Ring, Girlfriend Publicly Humiliates Him Because She Doesn’t Like It

That’s one ugly… person.

No, we’re not talking about looks, we’re taking ugly on the inside… where it matters.

This guy worked up the nerve to propose to his girlfriend, to commit to her for the rest of his life and she has the audacity to put him on blast on Facebook because she doesn’t like the ring. His grandmother’s ring that also happens to be her birthstone.

Now don’t get me wrong, that ring is third world ugly. Speaking as a guy that got engaged less than 2 months ago, she wants that diamond, and most girls, want a BIG one. Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of money, maybe he thought she would like it, maybe he appreciated the significance of it belonging to his grandmother, but either way, why in the fuck would go online and publicly embarrass the living hell out of man that wants to marry you? Proposing is hard enough as it is, have some respect and tell him privately if you don’t like it.

And, it’s not so much as her just not liking the ring and telling everybody, it’s the smug-ass way she tells this story with the “LMAO” and crying emojis. Fuck off.

My dude, take that ring and RUN.

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