College Student Thinks Her Room Is Haunted, Finds This Creep Living In Her Closet Wearing Her Clothes

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File this one under the “FUCK THAT, NO THANKS” category.

Maddie, a college student from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro thought her bedroom was haunted. She always heard weird noises. She had clothes go missing. She even thought there might be a raccoon in her room.


It was this guy (30-year-old Andrew Swofford). Looking like he came straight out of Scary Movie

“I just hear rattling in my closet. It sounded like a raccoon in my closet,” Maddie told Fox8. “I’m like who’s there? And somebody answers me. He’s like ‘oh my name is Drew.’ I open the door and he’s in there, wearing all of my clothes. My socks. My shoes. And he has a book bag full of my clothes.”

Instead of calling the cops immediately, she called her boyfriend and kept the weirdo distracted.

“He tries on my hat. He goes in the bathroom and looks in the mirror and then is like ‘you’re really pretty, can I give you a hug?’ she recalls. “But he never touched me.”

This girl has ice water running through her veins.

Swofford was jailed with a $26,000 bond and 14 felony charges including larceny and identity theft. Even crazier, there were no signs of forced entry.

Imagine finding this dude living in your closet.

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