Almost 600,000 Ram Pickups Recalled Because They’re Losing Steering Control & That’s Pretty Important

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As it turns out, the ability to steer your truck is pretty important.

That why Fiat-Chysler is recalling nearly 600,000 Ram HD trucks for a steering defect. An investigation revealed that a specific steering-linkage configuration may separate over time, causing the driver to experience steering loss and, an all but certain, crash.

In total, Ram is recalling 573,876 trucks in the United States including 2014–2017 Ram 2500 pickups, 2013–2017 Ram 3500 pickup-truck models, and 2014–2017 3500 chassis-cab models.

So far, 8 incidents have been reported, including one where the driver sustained injuries.

Yep, steering is definitely important.

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