The Super Bowl Taught Us Bud Light Is Healthy

Incredibly boring Super Bowl. Patriots made history. Tom Brady is the GOAT.


If the big game taught us one thing however, it’s that Bud Light is healthy. It’s basically kale juice. They put out multiple commercials during the Super Bowl going for the jugular of competitors Miller Lite and Coors Light, zeroing in on the fact those two are brewed with corn syrup, and Bud Light is not. So, just start drinking Bud Light like it’s La Croix.

Bud Light’s ingredients are water, rice, barley, and hops.

There you have it, Bud Light is healthy. They spent a lot of money on these ads. CNBC estimates Bud Light spent $50 Million on these commercials for about 6 minutes.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock