Costco Is Selling A 24 Pound, 5-Tier, Cheese Wedding Cake To Make Your Guests Constipated For A Week

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Costco does not fuck around.

Go there for a pair of Wranglers, some tube socks, cheap wine, 50 pounds of ribeye and a 24 pound wedding cake made completely out of Artisanal cheeses.

Look at this beauty.

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From Delish:

The bottom layer is 8 pounds of Red Leicester (similar to English cheddar), followed by 7 pounds of Danish Blue (has a mild blue cheese flavor), 5 pounds of Murcia al Vino (a drunken goat cheese), 3 pounds of Tuscan Sheep’s Cheese (a 60-day aged sheep’s milk cured with salt), and topped with just over a pound of Brillat-Savarin Triple Cream Brie (from the Normandy region of France).

The cake feeds 105-150 people, costs $439.99, and will have your guests constipated for a week. Totally worth it though. Cheese is life.

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A beer bottle on a dock