This Regular Joe Was Charged With Identity Theft In Nashville, Kept The Victim’s Wallet In His Fanny Pack

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A little Friday night news out of Nashville as Julian R. Mitchell, 20, is in jail and charged with identity theft as he tried to use a stolen debit card at a bar.

This regular looking Joe is no professional criminal, that much I know.

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According to Fox17, the arrest affidavit says Mitchell tried to use the victim’s Regions Bank card at a bar, but the business’ system gave notification that the card was lost or stolen. Mitchell was asked for his ID and handed over a Tennessee driver’s license that was “plainly obvious” it was not Mitchell’s due to the discrepancy in height.

Police said they found the victim’s wallet in Mitchell’s fanny pack. ROCKING THE FANNY PACK. I told you that shit was back.

He’s being held on a $25,000 bond.

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