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Guy Wanting A Date Keeps Leaving Pee-Covered Bologna On Lady’s Doorknob

Let me start by saying I can’t confirm this guy is attempting to score a date, but it sure seems that way.

This twisted story comes to you from New Mexico.

Sharisha Morrison says a guy keeps leaving bologna and bread on her doorknob. Obviously a weird way to get someone’s attention. Not even a made sandwich, but the ingredients to make one. It got more exciting when Morrison decided to actually smell the food and realized it was covered in the dude’s urine.

Classic desperate guy move – brain ain’t functioning.

Police say unless they’re able to catch the guy mid-bologna-drop-off, they can’t do much right now. Apparently other folks in town also got the special delivery, and have moved to avoid the pee bologna sandwiches.

What if the guy was leaving her perfect fried bologna sandwiches, though?

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h/t Fox News, image via Shutterstock.com

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