Florida Georgia Line Keep Saying They Want To Work With Bruno Mars But Maybe Bruno Mars Doesn’t Want To

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We get it.


For the last year, it seems like Florida Georgia Line work in “we want to work with Bruno Mars” in every interview they do. They’re at it again. iHeart Radio reports that during a Big Machine podcast, the duo said the following:

“We’ve said this a lot lately, but Bruno Mars would be somebody that’d be amazing to spend a couple of days with in the studio and try to create something from nothing,” Brian Kelley says. “But I think Rihanna would be cool. That’d be interesting. Be cool to hear our voices together.”

Now they’re bringing Rihanna into this?

The Bebe Rexha thing worked out for FGL – but Rihanna and Bruno Mars are a different level of superstar. Why would they want, or need, to work with Florida Georgia Line? They see Brothers Osborne cleaning house at the awards show; they know who really matters these days.

You can’t go from Backstreet Boys and Bebe to BRUNO MARS AND RIHANNA. It don’t work like that, boys.

Maybe Bruno Mars just doesn’t want to work with them? FGL keeps shooting their shot, but it’s coming off like pleading desperation to have monster hits, regardless of the genre.

Hell, who knows. I could be wrong. They could have something in the works, but my gut tells me Bruno knows better.

I mean…

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