Ashley McBryde’s “American Scandal” is the Perfect Love Song for People Who Hate Love Songs

Most love songs are crap. Just a bunch of bullshit about how perfect somebody is, and how you’d never hurt them, and how you’d do anything for them.

That’s just not how love really works.

Fortunately, if you hate all of the clichés that you’d normally find in a love song, Ashley McBryde does too. And that’s why she wrote “American Scandal,” a love song that throws out all of the bullshit and delivers a story that you might actually believe. A love story that’s scandalous – like Kennedy and Monroe.

Real love doesn’t always feel right. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it even feels wrong. And that’s the kind of love that Ashley wanted to write a song about.

Country music is at its best when artists actually believe the songs they sing.

And, when you get somebody with a powerhouse voice like Ashley McBryde telling a story that she actually believes, the result is a song that makes even the most scandalous love story feel like a goddamn fairytale.

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