KFC Is Testing A Cheetos Fried Chicken Sandwich In Some Southern States

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This looks sinister, but intriguing.

KFC is officially testing a new Cheetos Fried Chicken Sandwich.

They describe it like this:

“Made by coating a juicy, hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet with special Cheetos sauce and placing it on a toasted bun with mayo and a layer of crunchy Cheetos, the Cheetos Sandwich will give you a blast of craveable Cheetos in every bite.”

According to KFC, “select restaurants throughout the Greensboro, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia and Greenville, Georgia area” will be able to buy the sandwich.

It’s not a nationwide test as of yet, but let’s hope. Honestly? Imagine this thing when you’re hungover – fix you right up.

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h/t Bustle

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