Guy Says Ex-Girlfriend Broke His Nose For Playing Florida Georgia Line

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Man, I love the internet.

While flipping through AskMen, a popular Reddit thread of bizarre relationship advice, I stumbled across this question from a poor sap who got cold-cocked by his girlfriend for intentionally annoying her with a Florida Georgia Line song. His story read:

“Long story short, my gf only likes old school country music, so to get on her nerves, I like to play the pop country stuff she hates. So I snuck up behind her the other day at her desk, hit the play button on a florida georgia line song, and she threw a hard backhand at me and broke my nose by accident probably.”

“She was thinking it would hit me in chest or arm, but I crouched down to sneak up on her so she hit me square in my nose and broke it. I don’t need any surgery or anything, but I’m kinda worried she’s got a violent personality. We haven’t been dating too long, and it def was an accident, but this still seems like a big red flag.”

I know how pissed people can get in the whole traditional country vs pop country war, but this is next level. I mean, sure, she says it was an “accident,” but don’t you think somewhere deep down in her soul, her anger towards the pop country she hears on the radio every day welled up and exploded in a subconscious fit of rage? She wasn’t just smacking the hell out of her boyfriend for annoying her, not in her mind, she was smacking the hell out of bad country music as a whole. You almost can’t blame her… I said, almost.

That’s what happens when you listen to FGL.

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I mean, listen to this garbage.

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