For $2 Donation, Zoo Will Let You Name A Cockroach After Your Ex This Valentine’s Day

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Any takers?

For a measly donation of just $2, this zoo is willing to name one of their cockroach after your ex.

“For those that don’t quite require revenge, there’s another way to make you feel better about getting back at your ex this Valentine’s Day,” said the zoo in a statement about the program. Participants will receive a certificate that reads, “I’ve named a cockroach at the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the not so loving memory of my worthless ex!”

Also, you’ll get half-off entry into the zoo to visit said cockroach.

I like this idea. It’s not over the top, which says that you still aren’t over it yet, but it’s also not too small to the point of no real impact. And, at only $2 bucks, you’d almost be crazy not to take them up on the offer. Plus, you have the added benefit of helping the zoo, so not only are you contributing the education and happiness of the zoo-going townspeople, you could probably even write that donation off on your taxes next year. It’s a win-win.

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