Brandi Carlile Calls Out Fake Country Music “Cowboys” In Unreleased New Song

Brandi Carlile headlined the Ann Arbor Folk Fest this past Friday night and amid her countless hits, the Grammy nominee surprised the crowd with a brand new song.

Possibly called “Cowgirls,” the unreleased song calls out all of these pretty boy “cowboys” that the country music industry loves to put their money behind. With witty lines like “just because you got a little dust under your boots doesn’t mean you’ve walked a country mile,” and “your back roads are going out of style,” Brandi laid siege to the recycled song and cliche lyrics that plague country music these days, ultimately concluding the chorus with an urgent plea to let more women into the country music industry.

“Now that you’re just pissin’ in the wind, it’s time for you to let them cowgirls in.”

Pretty fuckin’ spot on eh?

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A beer bottle on a dock