Moms & Dads Throw Hands In Giant Brawl After 4th Grade Basketball Game


A 20-parent brawl broke out at a 4th grade basketball game near Cincinnati, Ohio, the other day.

Two parents were charges with disorderly conduct, and both parents and children, were kicked out of the league being held at Mariemont Junior High School.

Moms, dads, kids… everybody was getting to the mix. We’re talking purses were flying, fists were flying… very few innocent bystanders and more than willing participants in this schoolyard dust up.

Hate to break it to you mom and dad, but your idiot kid is not going to be the next Michael Jordan, hell, he’s probably not even going to a bench player at some shitty D-III school in Southeast, Ohio. These kids are in 4th grade. 4TH FUCKING GRADE. We’re lucky junior can wipe his own ass at that age. Sit down, shut up, stop yelling at the coach, and let the kids have some fun.

I’m not saying forget the score and hand out participation trophies, fuck outta my face with that. Johnny better bring it on the court if he wants to win, and he better work hard in practice if he wants to get better, but this ain’t the NBA Finals.

Remember that.

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