Florida Man Finds Live Grenade, Stops At Taco Bell On His Way To Police, Bomb Squad Evacuates Taco Bell

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When that Taco Bell craving hits you, you have to answer the call.

Whether you’re late to work, your wife is about to have a baby, or you know, you found a grenade and need to make sure the police can safely disarm it.

According to ABC7, a Taco Bell location in Ocala, Florida, was evacuated when a man found the grenade while magnet fishing in Ocklawaha. Rather than calling the police immediately, he put the live WWII hand grenade in his trunk, picked up a couple Crunchwrap Supremes and then, finally made the call to police from inside the Taco Bell.

Of course, that call prompted the bomb squad to show up, surround the Taco Bell, evacuate the premises and safely secure the explosive.

I can just imagine how this phone call went…

“Police, how can I help you?”

“Yeah, I have a grenade.”

“Sir, where are you located?”

“Taco Bell on Silver Springs Blvd.”

(whispers off phone)

“We got a wacko calling it a fucking bomb threat at Taco Bell on Silver Springs, send all available units!!!!”

“Ok sir, just remain calm, nobody needs to get hurt, police are on their way.”

“Ok cool, I just got two crunchwraps so I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

“WTF? Strangest terrorist ever…”

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