Waylon Jennings’ Son, Terry, Passes Away At 62

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Sad news to report as country legend Waylon Jennings’ son, Terry, has died at 62. Terry was Waylon’s oldest son.

Terry’s son, Josh, shared the following on Facebook:

Hello everyone,

This is Terry’s son Josh and with a heavy heart I am here to inform you all that my father passed earlier this morning.

He lived an adventurous life as many of you know and he has accomplished so much. I was always proud to be his son.

I know he touched many of your hearts and he always enjoyed sharing his life adventures and lessons with you all. I still hold many of those lessons with me everyday.

This is a hard time for all of us, and I ask that you give the family and I some peace as we are dealing with this great loss.

Thank you,


A man and a woman

Terry’s brother, Shooter Jennings, shared a photo on Instagram remembering his older brother.

“So sad to see ya go, Terry. I love you.

My brother Terry turned me onto Alice Cooper, The Moody Blues, Cream, Zeppelin and more. He was that older brother who had the killer record collection and the wild streak. Having one for him today.”


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