Kassi Ashton Releases New Song “Violins” For All The Exes Crawling Back

Kassi Ashton is a badass. She’s poised for a BIG 2019, too.

She just released an upbeat new song, “Violins,” which was co-written by Kassi, Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. The song is an anthem of sorts for the exes that keep crawling back.

“We (Natalie Hemby, Luke Dick and I) were sitting in Luke’s studio one morning. We got on the subject of my exes and how all of them had been unfaithful to me,” Kassi said about the initial inspiration for the track. “We were discussing the steps of getting over it and how they usually all come running back, whining, begging for a second chance. That’s when I rolled my eyes, raised two fingers to my ear and mimicked what my dad used to call ‘the world’s smallest violin’ to accompany their take-me-back tears. I started joking, saying that for most, I didn’t even care to serenade their second chance efforts. I didn’t have time for that because I have better shit to do. It was Natalie’s idea to call it ‘Violins’ and Luke brought the funk. I just had to bring the attitude and experience.”

“I can’t hear the violins you’re playin, there’s no symphony inside my head.  I’ve got my own marching band, guess I lost my give a damn.” 

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock