Randy Houser’s “Evangeline” Will Make You Want To Run Off To New Orleans… Right Now

New Orleans is a magical place.

Bourbon Street, live music everywhere, no open container laws… sure, it smells like urine and there’s always a chance you’re being mugged and don’t even realize it, but if you’ve never stayed out all night in New Orleans and watched the sun come up over Jackson Square with your friends, you’re missing out on one of life’s truly special moments.

It’s these moments that Randy Houser captures perfectly in his song “Evangeline,” the last song on his new album Magnolia. Raised in Mississippi, Randy was inspired to write “Evangeline” after all of the times he and his friends skipped school to head down to New Orleans. As Randy put it:

“We had some amazing times down in the French Quarter… some nights that I’d never forget if I could only remember ‘em.”

Anybody who’s been to New Orleans can relate to that…

So if you’ve ever been to New Orleans, whether it was with somebody you love or just with your best friends, you’ll probably get lost in those memories as you listen to “Evangeline.” And it may even make you want to get a little two-lane crazy tonight… maybe with a trip to Bourbon Street.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock