Florida Woman Takes Her Pants Off, Dances Around Waffle House Parking Lot, Threatens To Shoot Manager, Then Licks His Face

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Meanwhile in Florida…

A woman was arrested outside of a Pensacola-area Waffle House the other day after the restaurant manager said she was exposing herself to customers and dancing in the parking lot with her pants down.

The story begins with Freedom Ryder Zobrist (yeah, that’s her name) walking into the Waffle House in the early morning and being asked to leave because of her disruptive behavior. However she came back around noon threatening to shoot the manger and everyone there.

According to reports, the women became combative, pulled her pants down, danced around the parking lot, grabbed the manger by his junk, and licked his face.

Police arrived and arrested Zobrist, who’s been charged with lewd and indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, battery and assault.

If I told you a woman was arrested for taking off her clothes and dancing around the parking lot of a restaurant, and then I asked you to name the state, guess her name, the restaurant, and what kind of drugs she was doing, you could’ve easily nailed every single inch of that parlay bet. You wouldn’t even have to think twice about it. Freedom might have tripped you up, but we would’ve accepted “America” too, so… no harm no foul.

I mean, of course this is Florida, of course her name is Freedom, of course this is at a Waffle House, and of course, this whole thing reeks of meth. Thanks for playing, collect your prize on the way out.

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