Want A Guaranteed Good Time At Your Wedding? Ice Your Guests

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Wedding planning sucks.

I’m smack-dab in the middle of this mess right now and people keep say things like “you should try to make it fun” or “you should enjoy it, you only do it once,” but the reality is that my bank account keeps shrinking, my guest list keeps growing, everybody has opinion, and all I really want to do is make sure everybody has a good time without going completely broke.

Thankfully, we have the internet, an endless well of knowledge, but mostly… people use it for stupid ideas like this.

We’ve seen the Fireball GoPro, maybe the wedding party all shotguns a beer, but at the end of the day, a very simple and cost-effective way to make sure your guests get good and drunk, enjoy themselves and, of course, get a good viral photo out of it… is to ice every one of your guests as soon as they sit down. They’ll never see it coming… unless of course, they read this.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Icing is really simple.

You find the Smirnoff Ice, you get down on one knee and chug it.

At weddings, it’s become pretty common to ice the groom during the garter toss. I’m getting them before they get me.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock