“Memories Are Made Of” Is One Of Luke Combs’ Most Underrated Songs

Luke Combs is absolutely killing it these days, but I wanted to take a quick minute to talk about one of his most underrated songs, “Memories Are Made Of.”

It’s one of those songs that stops you in your tracks and makes you think back on everything that has shaped you.

“I just laugh, thinking bout the shit we got into, those were the days we thought we’d never lose”

It’s so damn easy to go back in my mind when things were simple. When you still had that innocence of not knowing what was going to happen next. Those times shaped me into who I am today.

Hanging out with girls for the first time and getting that first kiss at the beach, then hauling ass like Usain Bolt back home to proudly call up your friends to let them know you did it. It could be hanging out with the boys and throwing glass bottles at each other in the woods. Or it could be my brother and I unmercifully whooping the shit out of each other in the yard for fun.

Whether these memories taught you respect for women or just being a tough bastard, they are what made you into who you are today.

“Looking back on the past, wasn’t much but it’s what we had”

Growing up in a small town, we didn’t have malls or fast food restaurants to loiter at. We had sports, work and the great outdoors. I learned about the human anatomy picking rocks at Vorpahl Farms. The older guys always had some great stories.

I’ll never forget how pissed my dad was that I was missing curfew in 6th grade because he thought I might have been smoking pot. The truth is that my buddy and I were sneaking onto private lake access catching bluegills. Great times those were.

“Just a couple buds and a good buzz was all it was”

One thing I’ve learned through all of my trials and tribulations is that kicking back with your buddies and drinking beer will never get old. I’m even more thankful for the beautiful woman I’ll be marrying next June, the great friends and family that have my back every damn day. I owe more than a few beers to you guys, and you know who you are….Thank you.

“That’s what memories are made of”

You don’t have to go out and travel the world to find out who you are as a person. I’m not saying that wouldn’t be awesome because fuck it, I’d do it too. But not everyone has that opportunity, what I’m really trying to say is that your memories are made for a reason and it’s up to you to embrace them for what they are to help you grow. Be proud of your past and learn from mistakes and stupid shit that you’ve done. Growing up definitely sucks sometimes but everyone has to do it and you might well have a smile on your face when you look back on the journey.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock