“Shallow” Snags Oscar Nomination For “Best Original Song,” No Love For Isbell’s “Maybe It’s Time”


A Star Is Born is, hands down, the best movie I’ve seen in quite some time. Now granted, I didn’t see every single movie nominated for Best Picture this year, but still, in my 30 years on planet Earth, A Star Is Born is an all-time great for me.

In addition to Best Picture and Actor/Actress nominations, of course a movie about a couple musicians would be score some nominations in the music department. “Shallow,” the main duet between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, did, however, Jason Isbell’s “Maybe It’s Time” was left out in the cold.

Now it makes sense that they would want to nominate the big duet, but still, “Maybe It’s Time” was snubbed, I’m just gonna say it. It was downright snubbed.

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A beer bottle on a dock