Russia Has Officially Started Selling Beer At The Post Office

A group of bottles of alcohol

People like to hate on Russia, speculate about the President’s cahoots with Putin, constantly worry about about the imminent threat nuclear war, but beer at the Post Office?

They’re doing something right…

According to BBC, the Russian Post Office (which probably has an official Russian name, but for the sake of this article we’re going to call it the Russian Post Office) is now selling beer in an effort to raise funds for their terribly inefficient mail system. According to the Russian Post’s press secretary Daniil Skidan, they are planning to roll out beer sales at 3,200 post offices across the country, but not so fast, according to him, this is more about safety than it is about making money.

“The main focus is on rural branches, which will give the public access to high-quality, legal alcoholic beverages,” he said. “This is important because over 1,200 people are poisoned by low-quality alcohol every year.”

Safety first Dan, I get it. I guess I would have already expected this to be a thing in Russia, but more importantly, why don’t we have that?

Do you know how miserable of an experience a visit to the Post Office can be? I mean you pretty much have to be a little drunk to even walk in the door without wanting to kill someone… or yourself. Long lines, shit head workers that always seem pissed off, nobody knows anything… it’s fucking anarchy in there. I ship a package once a year, sorry I’m not an expert in the process.

Now imagine that living hell… but in fucking Russia. They deserve it.

Meanwhile in Russia…

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock