A Randy Montana Appreciation Post Is Necessary

My favorite thing about country music is the depth chart of talent you can find in the genre among songwriters. I like to look at my favorite songs off certain albums and research the writers, thus resulting in finding gems that I may have overlooked.

One of my favorite artists that I discovered from that technique is Randy Montana. He wrote “Put Me In A Box” by Justin Moore and “Can’t Turn You Down” by Jon Pardi among a ton of others. Since those were two of my favorite songs, I decided to check out his music and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with what I found.

Randy Montana delivers a refreshing sound that can only be done by him. His EP Put Me In A Box projects a vibe that can’t be compared to any other artist – it simply takes on an identity of its own. It’s special for an EP to deliver a catalog of songs that hit home to each one of country music’s senses such as ballad, rock and love.

Randy hasn’t released any new music in a while, but I wouldn’t be complaining if he put out another project very soon.

“Last Horse”

“Back Of My Heart”

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