Dr Pepper Aims To Become The Official Soft Drink Of Texas, Releases Slick Special-Edition Texas Bottles

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Love me some Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper is apparently trying to become the official soft drink of Texas… so much so, that they have been circling a Change.org petition around the interwebs. With a goal of 25,000 signatures, they’ve already surpassed 23,000.

Originally founded in Waco, Texas, Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in the United States, and according to the petition “it has never forgotten where it started.  Like any Texan, Dr Pepper has only the deepest pride and appreciation for its home state.”

With that, Dr Pepper has released a Texas-inspired bottle collection includes 15 unique labels with artwork depicting some of the state’s most iconic landmarks and landscapes. The 20 oz bottles are available for purchase in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Waco, and fans are encouraged to collect them all in honor of the great state of Texas and its beloved beverage brand.

Not sure if you can take it upon yourself to nominate yourself as the official soft drink of a state just because you got started there, but that’s what they’re doing. Not gonna lie though, those bottle look pretty damn slick.

Still, if you think your Texas bottles will replace the iconic Star Wars Pepsi collection, you got another thing coming Dr P.
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Click here to sign the petition.

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