Eric Church Kicks Off Tour With Impromptu Performance Of Waylon’s “Ain’t Living Long Like This”

“Waylon fucking Jennings man.”

Eric Church kicked off his Double Down Tour last night in Omaha, Nebraska, and as always, he blew the roof off the place.

“We haven’t done this in many years,” he cautioned the crowd before launching into a cover of Waylon’s “Ain’t Living Long Like This.”

“Do we know this?” Eric laughed to his bandmates right before the first note, however it became pretty obvious that Eric was doing a lot improvising, re-writing verses, and even admitting that “this has been some shit” mid-song.

Even when Eric is just winging it, he still finds a way to have fun and give the crowd everything he’s got. Get your tickets folks, this is gonna be one for the ages.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock