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Urban Dictionary’s Hilarious Definition Of Each SEC School

Everyone’s favorite dictionary, Urban Dictionary, has some hilarious definitions for colleges across the US.

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We decided to take a look at all the SEC schools, and it did not disappoint. These are pretty funny, and fightin’ words for some.

Here’s the breakdown for each school…

University of Florida

“A place where diversity is a foreign word, and the girls wouldn’t dare wear anything except pink, pearls,and a camo hat with their sorority letters on it, and you will stick out like a sore thumb if it doesn’t look like you took 9 and 1/2 hrs to get ready.”

University of Alabama

“A redneck intellectual backwater. Ranks 10th among the 12 SEC institutions in both SAT and GRE averages. Mississippi State University & the University of Mississippi, aka “Ole Miss,” rank 11th & 12th. Located in Tuscaloosa, a pathetic peckerwood Wal-Martesque Twilight Zone shithole out near Mississippi and former headquarters of the KKK. Uber obsessed with Auburn and “footbawl,” few “students” would know Proust from Proulx from Prado. Its nemesis, Auburn, is another “university” in the state, but it is close to Georgia and Atlanta, with several thousand students from metro Atlanta, the Northeast, the Midwest, the West Coast and Asia who have diminished the inbred factor substantially – while increasing standardized test averages to something approaching halfway respectable. The University of Alabama female “students” attend classes wearing flip-flops and with their stringy platinum blonde hair haphazardly piled megaskank fashion atop their heads. Male “students” invariably feature “Bama Bangs,” which makes them appear to have even lower IQs. They speak with accents which make most cringe, as if they are the products of 800 years of inbreeding. Jacked up pickup trucks abound, “Bama” tattoos aren’t a rarity and an unsettling percentage of the natives (especially the “Bama Bangs” sporting males) “chew” (chew and spit tobacco).”

University of Arkansas

Not defined. Sorry, guys. But they did say define “woo pig sooie”-  Originates from Arkansas. From the Razorback football team. Usually when something exciting happens, all the idiots in the stands yell “Woo pig sooie!!!” May also be used to call a pig.

Auburn University

“The loveliest village on the plains. Home of the Auburn Tigers. The only university in Alabama with a decent reputation outside of the state.”

University of Georgia

“A Public Ivy located in Athens, GA (the greatest college town in America). A place where beautiful females and classy males combine to form a sexual experience unlike any other. With an athletic program that outpaces any other university in profitability, UGA has dominated in most, if not all forms NCAA sports. With superior academics, a dominant athletics department, and the best fan base in the nation, UGA is one of the best universities in the country.”

University of Kentucky

“Best university in the continental United states of America, finest education available, and home to the best and winningest basketball team (soo much better than Duke) on the face of the earth.”

Louisiana State University

“A University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that is by far the flagship school in Louisiana and better than any other school in the gulf south including Alabama and those Ole Miss assholes.Ole miss is generally jealous of LSU and everybody can see why. Produces very attractive brunettes for some reason. Also known as a great partying school and is climbing the ranks in academics.”

Mississippi State University

“Located in Starkville, Mississippi. Founded as an Agricultural school and still is to this day. Bitter rivals of Ole Miss and all things preppy. Most students wear boots and Wrangler jeans to class; the few preps which do attend are usually rich due to successful farming by their boot and Wrangler wearing parents. Is a school where tradition means very little.”

University of Mississippi

“Ole Miss is located in the rolling hills of North Mississippi about 80 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The typical Ole Miss student is a good looking Southern girl/guy who enjoys tailgating in the Grove during football season, fraternity/sorority life, and all things preppy. Ole Miss students usually have a deep hatred for LSU and sometimes Mississippi State as well.”

University of Missouri

“Better than the University of Kansas.”

University of South Carolina

“A school in a town designed for college kids. Within a mile radius, you can make a fake ID at Kinko’s, buy a bottle of Everclear at Greene’s, mix it with a Sonic slushy, sell your plasma for bar money, and head to Five Points. From there you can get arrested, taken to the Richland County Jail and can walk to the football stadium for the game the next day if your friends don’t bail you out in time. Whoever designed this college and city knew what they were doing. And whoever came up with the mascot — well, wherever that person is, I’m sure he’s still smiling about it.”

University of Tennessee

“The University of Tennessee is a school down by the river in Knoxville, TN. Known for football and massive alcoholism. Other in the South seem to perceive it as a school for rednecks.”

Texas A&M University

“The first public institution of higher education in the state of Texas. A&M is the home of the fighting Texas Aggies with a variety of very successful college sports. Having one of the friendliest campuses in the world, Texas A&M is one of the few campuses that Greek life doesn’t define you. With over 800 student organizations it is extremely easy to find your place in the school and to make life long friends. We are also known for our business and engineering with many other degree choices to choose from. We pride our selves on our conservative views while UT continues its liberal ways.”

Vanderbilt University

“The Harvard of the South, where all cool rich southern people go. Preppy, fratty, perfect.”

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