Danny Masterson’s Cousin Killed In Kenyan Terror Attack

Danny Masterson with a beard

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, there was a brutal terror attack in Kenya where at least 21 have been confirmed dead.

One of those people was Jason Spindler, a survivor of the 9/11 attacks. He was also Danny Masterson’s cousin. Masterson has been in the news mostly because of The Ranch as of late, and his removal from the show.

He’s had a lot of fan support through that process, and even more came his way after this news.

Here’s what Masterson posted on Instagram:

Scumbags known as Al-Shabaab attacked a hotel in Kenya as we all now know. They killed two dozen people including my/our cousin #JasonSpindler.

I know these cowards, who weren’t already killed, will die slow painful deaths and we will dance on their graves. You disgrace Islam and you disgrace the beautiful people of the Muslim world. You justify your actions as holy but no Higher Being admits your existence. You are fucking pieces of shit. Godspeed my Texas cuz. Your family will never be the same.

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