Hate Shoveling Snow? Buy A Flamethrower

A person standing next to a fire

Shoveling snow sucks.

It’s even worse when you live in the country and have a driveway that’s half a mile long. You either shovel that bitch, get a snowblower (which still kinda sucks), or hope one of your neighbors has a plow on his truck and will lend you a quick hand. In the city, that’s not gonna happen. Pick up that shovel…

Welp, this dude in Virginia used a flamethrower, and while he and fire safety officials didn’t really recommend it, it definitely got the job done. Nathanael Caplinger told WSET that he hates shoveling snow. So, after reading an ad in a magazine about a blowtorch, he decided to try it out.

“Make sure there’s no flammables nearby,” he said. “Make sure it’s only what you want to burn, make sure afterward hang out for about a half hour, make sure nothing reignites.”


I support this 100%

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A group of people in the snow

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