Bar Sets World Record With 2,800 Whiskies On Their Bat-Sh*t Crazy 61 Page Menu

A room with shelves of bottles and lights

Do you like whiskey?

I know a place…

The Whiskey House, a San Diego bar is currently having its 2,800 varieties of whiskey counted by Guinness World Records, hoping to smash the former record of 1,179. Located in the Gaslamp District, the bar recently added another 300 bottles to its already impressive 2,500 bottle collection. So it sounds like they already had the record before they added the 300 bottles? Hmmm.

Anyways, the menu is 61 pages. 61 fucking pages…

Look, I love a good whiskey as much as the next guy, but who the fuck wants to flip through 61 pages of whiskey before they pick one out? Who has the time for that? I could be halfway through The Great Gatsby if I wanted to sit down and read 61 pages of bullshit. Walk in on a Tuesday won’t be able to order a drink until Thursday by the time you’re done looking through the thing. It’s utterly ridiculous.

A few choices are nice, but a man should know what he wants when he sits at the counter.

Bartender says “hey, take a look at our 61 page menu.”

You say “Wild Turkey 101.”

He pours it, you’re done. Easy.

If he says, “we don’t have it.”

You say, “then something like it.”

End of discussion. Fuck outta my face with your 61 page menu.

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A beer bottle on a dock