This Pinecone Treehouse Is The Ultimate Camping Experience

Love nature, but don’t want to sleep on the ground?

How about a treehouse, better yet, this insane pinecone treehouse.

High up in the Redwood Forests of Bonny Doon, California, this stunning architectural masterpiece hangs about 60 feet in the air. And, the best part? You can stay in the Pinecone, which is listed on Airbnb for an extremely reasonable $350 a night. I mean, that’s a steal.

And, if you really love it, it’s actually for sale for only $150,000. Maybe a bit pricey for a treehouse, but can you really put a price on that view?

The bathroom is located at the bottom of the ladder, in a separate, but stunning treehouse of its own.

You and somebody special, crack open a bottle of wine, I mean, just look at this thing.

What are you waiting for?

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