Most Texas Couple Ever Ties The Knot At Whataburger

This is sooooooo Texas.

A San Antonio couple decided to have their wedding ceremony at the local Whataburger because, wait for it, “one of their friends did too.”

Great reasoning… apparently, they had a traditional ceremony at a church, but later that night, the group was hungry so they decided to get married again inside the Whataburger.

“A group of our friends who had not gone home yet were super hungry and I said lets go to Whataburger” she said. “I wanted to change into regular clothes because I still had a wedding dress on but since everybody had their dress and tux on I said well let’s get married again!”

The newlyweds got some grub at a discount and a signed card from the entire Whataburger staff.

I call bullshit. You want to get married at Whataburger, you send out the invites, you call up the pastor, you bring the flowers, you deliver the cake and you get married AT Whataburger. Stopping in late night because you were hungry after your reception (probably should’ve just catered Whataburger as a late night snack, but whatever) isn’t newsworthy and quite frankly, doesn’t count.

The people that get married at Taco Bell, get married at Taco Bell. This is fake news.

Not to mention, we have the sister here trying to get free food for a year because they just happened to walk into a late night Whataburger after the wedding. Psh, outta my face with that.

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