‘The Ranch’ Will Reportedly End After Season 4

Dax Shepard talking to a man

Welp, it had a good run.

According to an interview with Sam Elliott, Netflix’s popular show The Ranch is looking at its final season. There’s still no official word from Netflix about the show’s end, however the interview claims that Sam has a few final episodes to shoot, but he’s “not even thinking about what’s next.” The article also mentions that the show is currently “shooting its 4th and final season.”

The show took a major turn when Danny Masterson, who played the beloved character Rooster, was fired from the show after multiple rape allegations surfaced. He recently spoke about the release of Part 6, however his role was eventually replaced by Dax Shephard.

Season 4 is expected to also be released in two “parts” (Parts 7 and 8) like the previous 3 seasons have been.


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