Kane Brown & Katelyn Jae Are Back On The Karaoke… So When’s The Duet?

Kane is about to hit the road with Jason Aldean, but maybe he should be taking his wife on stage with him.

We recently saw them doing a little New Year’s Eve party karaoke of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, but even just chilling at home, they love to pick up the mics. Kane obviously is a country music star, but as the winner of MySpace’s “Take the Stage” contest back in 2012, Katelyn Jae knows her way around a micrphone too.

In heartfelt Instagram post, she said the following of her new husband while performing Jorja Smith’s “On My Mind”:

“I love him for endless reasons, but one thing I find completely humbling is although he’s selling out arenas each night he is never is too good to come home, sit on the floor , be goofy and sing karaoke with me. We found each other through music and being able to still jam out the way we use to when we met makes my heart full. Our house is full of love and creativity and I am so thankful for a husband I can 100% genuinely be myself in front of and no matter how busy his schedule gets he always makes more then enough time for me. I love u.”

Soooo, when are you two kids going to record a duet? The people are begging for it.