South Carolina Congressman Just Tried To Bring A Six-Pack To House Floor, “Thought I’d Grease The Skids”

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I love this guy.

Freshman Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) just tried to take a 6-pack of beer onto the House floor and was told that’s not allowed,” reporter Laura Barrón-López posted on Twitter. “‘It’s Friday too,’ he said laughing as he turned around.”

Apparently, that’s frowned upon in Congress… who knew?

“As you know from his campaign, Joe has always made it a priority to highlight low-country breweries and the important role they play in regards to the local economy, tourism, etcetera. He has been talking to his colleagues about the low country’s thriving craft brewery scene and wanted to give some to the head of the bipartisan beer caucus [house small brewers caucus], Rep. DeFazio,” Rebecca Drago, Cunningham’s communications director, told Newsweek.

Unfortunately, he had a flight to catch immediately after votes and didn’t have time to bring it to DeFazio’s office, so he thought he’d be efficient and bring it to the floor. Didn’t work out, but happy to report that he left it in the cloakroom and DeFazio got it in the end!”

Looks like the good people of South Carolina found themselves a good one. Good lookin’ fella too.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock