Guy Eats Ex-Girlfriend’s Pet Fish, Poops It Out, Sends Her A Photo Of His Poop With “Found Your Fish,” Gets Arrested

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This might be the most creative, and fucked up, way to get back at an ex.

Back in 2016, Maxwell Taffin was 18 and attending the LSU-Ole Miss game in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Him and some friends were staying with a student, his ex-girlfriend, at one of the LSU dorms. As they left, he told her to check her fish tank.

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She noticed the fish was gone.

This crazy MF’er ate it. But, wait, there’s more. A few hours later Maxwell sent her a photo of his poop with the text, “found your fish.”

FOUND YOUR FISH! Wild. Like, chill dude.

“Yeah, I’ll be honest with you. I ate the fish,” he told police. According to Fox News, he was asked to appear at the campus police department for a criminal summons, but failed to do so and was then charged with animal cruelty and improper telephone communications.

He was arrested Tuesday, almost three years after his poop.

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