Guy Eats Ex-Girlfriend’s Pet Fish, Poops It Out, Sends Her A Photo Of His Poop With “Found Your Fish,” Gets Arrested

This might be the most creative, and fucked up, way to get back at an ex.

Back in 2016, Maxwell Taffin was 18 and attending the LSU-Ole Miss game in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Him and some friends were staying with a student, his ex-girlfriend, at one of the LSU dorms. As they left, he told her to check her fish tank.

She noticed the fish was gone.

This crazy MF’er ate it. But, wait, there’s more. A few hours later Maxwell sent her a photo of his poop with the text, “found your fish.”

FOUND YOUR FISH! Wild. Like, chill dude.

“Yeah, I’ll be honest with you. I ate the fish,” he told police. According to Fox News, he was asked to appear at the campus police department for a criminal summons, but failed to do so and was then charged with animal cruelty and improper telephone communications.

He was arrested Tuesday, almost three years after his poop.