63-Year-Old Lady Drinks 14 Bottles Of Tequila To “Calm Her Nerves” Before Driving

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Jeez lady…

According to police reports, 63-year-old Deborah Combs (no relation to Luke) was pulled over for driving erratically near Summerville, Georgia. Visibly drunk, she told the officer she drank 14 bottles of tequila to “calm her nerves” so she could drive.

She also wanted to do the hokey pokey, claimed the cash she had on her was from a “drug deal,” and told cops she didn’t understand her rights and if they read them 29 more times, she still wound’t understand them.

“She tried to sit down on the curb and fell onto her back while elevating her legs into the air making an aerobic type movement several times as she sat back up laughing. I asked her, ‘Are you OK down there?’ She stated, ‘No. I’m not alright. I’m so tired of all this,” Officer Matt Pritchard stated. “She asked me if she could do the hokey pokey. She then started to do some type of dance that could be related to the child’s dance hokey pokey.”


Airplane bottles? How are you not dead? I drink half of one and I’m down for the count… out of commission for days.

And the best part… she needed all that tequila because she wanted to “calm her nerves” for driving… which is, you know, ILLEGAL. I get it, you’re a little nervous, I was a little nervous before my first date with my fianceé, you know what I did? Had a couple beers, not 14 bottles of tequila. And then, I took a cab.

Thankfully she didn’t kill anybody… or herself.

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