26 Signs You’re Dating A Total Psychopath

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It’s time to cut the bullshit.

Put the lovey-dovey stuff aside, and face some realization that the person you’re with may or may not be a psychopath. So, how will you know? What are the signs?

I’ve comprised a detailed list of 26 signs that your significant other is a psychopath. Here ya go.

1. They sleep with their socks on.

2. They prefer a warm pillow over cold.

3. They turn the heat UP at bedtime.

4. They floss AFTER brushing their teeth.

5. They put ketchup on their hot dog.

6. They hate dogs (pets).

7. They prefer turkey bacon over real bacon.

8. They don’t like Game of Thrones.

9. Or Breaking Bad.

10. They love riding full elevators.

11. They think Velveeta shells are gross.

12. They eat non-Chicago style pizza with a fork.

13. They don’t say “horses” when driving by horses.

14. They prefer microwaved pizza rolls over baked.

15. They only drink yellow Gatorade.

16. They enjoy cold fries.

17. They prefer the middle seat on flights.

18. They bite the string cheese instead of STRINGING it.

19. They stand up right when the plane lands.

20. They get their steak well-done.

21. They say “I only listen to country music in the summer.”

22. They prefer Chili’s over Applebee’s. 

23. They request “Wagon Wheel.”

24. They leave the microwave with 3 seconds on it.

25. They don’t acknowledge a puppy when next to one.

26. This.

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A beer bottle on a dock