The 13 Best Old Man Beers RANKED

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I love a good, cheap beer. The marathon beers. The beer that slowly gets you drunk, but keeps you going. The beer that won’t break the bank, and that’s perfect for summer, games, and your crap palate. The American beer.

I’ve ranked the 13 best cheap beers. Cheap as in cheaper than Bud, Miller, Coors – A LEVEL DOWN. So, let the debate begin.

First, a moment of silence for Kirkwood Signature Light.

Costco has discontinued the cheap 48-pack. RIP.

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Here’s the list…

13. Natural Ice

Anything with “ice” in it will have you yacking up a kidney after one too many, and maybe living under a bridge.

12. Hamm’s

Dads drink this while teaching you what “hard work” means – cutting 100 acres of grass, shingling a roof, or painting an entire house – all while you were 8-years-old.

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11. Milwaukee’s Best

It’s not the “best,” but good.

10. Old Milwaukee

I mean, Will Ferrell did a commercial for them…

9. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Usually based on mood and surroundings, but a big crowd pleaser. Sometimes tastes like melted paper clips. Hipsters claim this beer as their own, but we all know that’s bullshit.

8. Miller High Life

Would rather drink than champagne.

7. Schlitz

Makes you grow chest hair. King of “old man” beers.

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6. Rolling Rock

Really solid, often overlooked. Flying under the radar…

5. Old Style

A Chicago staple and damn good ice cold. I’m ready for baseball season.

4. Busch

Those camo cans push this to the Top 5. A Busch Heavy feels like home.

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3. Keystone Light

Back during the spring break days, you could go through 60 of these a day (per person) and still feel good. Thank you, Keystone.

2. Natural Light

The King of College beers is one of the best-selling beers in all of America, behind your obvious Buds, Miller, Coors. Nothing better than a game of pong, flip cup, and some Natty Light – lawd that is the nectar of the Gods.

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1. Busch Light

Busch Light is super low carb (aka healthy), tastes like nothing (in a good way), will get you drunk if you drink enough but let’s you keep on keepin’ on all day, goes great with a tailgate, country show, or as you sit by yourself at home watching YouTube videos.

A legend. A friend. A means for survival.

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