Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Launches ‘Spiced Rum’ Flavor


Is it summer yet?

Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay is officially launching its 10th flavor, Spiced Rum.

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Sporting the tagline “A Dawn of a New Bay,” the new Spiced Rum also debuts a new look, designed to fit into the Spiced Rum arena while still highlighting its unique island-lifestyle identity, thanks to Chesney’s No Shoes Nation flag and signature Blue Chair rocking chair located front and center on the bottle.

“Kenny has personally led all the flavor expansion conversations based on combinations he and his friends on the islands like to enjoy,” notes David Farmer, President of Blue Chair’s parent company, Fishbowl Spirits, adding, “We’ve also really listened to our customer base as we’ve expanded.”

“I drink Spiced Rum year-round. It’s got everything the best rum and flavored spirits do, but it’s also a little more complicated in terms of how much you can do with it,” shares Chesney. “All of our flavors are great, which allows you to mix up all kinds of amazing cocktails. Lord knows, I have! But when you factor in all the different things you can do with Spiced, from drinking it on the rocks to creating cocktails with mixers, it surprises you. When we started Blue Chair Bay, I wanted to give everyone their favorite and a lot of options, so we worked to give customers the full flavor wheel of the islands. Now that we’ve created all these awesome natural flavors, we wanted to make sure we added Spiced Rum. I hope my fans will love it as much as I do.”

Spiced Rum arrives in February 2019.

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A beer bottle on a dock