This International Harvester Scout Rebuild Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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When people think of International Harvester, they think of red tractors or that Craig Morgan song where he sings “hoggin’ up the road on my p-p-p-plower.” But, from 1961 to 1980, they also made these sexy little Scout SUV’s to compete with the likes of Jeep.

While they stopped making them in 1980, thankfully the good people of New Legend 4×4 have brought one back to life with their new LSII-One, currently for sale.

This was there vision for the build:

“This Scout was the first of its kind. The manifestation of a bold idea… Can we build a vintage Scout that honors its heritage and design but meets modern expectations of reliability, performance, safety, and capability.  The answer was a resounding yes! The LS3 and 6 speed transmission effortlessly power the capable OEM designed Outrider frame and suspension to create a platform unrivaled in the vintage suv market. The Ceylon green body and creme brûlée stripe and top are vintage and timeless. The suspension system is smooth and predictable and it makes high performance driving possible on or off road. Simple black interior and accessories are just enough. This Scout will always hold a special in our company! #001 is a solid foundation for our future trucks to follow.”

For a cool 165K, this beauty could be yours. Not half bad eh?

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H/T: Maxim

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