Drunk Wisconsin Guy Wanders Into Wrong House, Passes Out In Dog Bed, Sleeps All Night Next To 150lb Mastiff

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Rough night, buddy. Real rough.

A Wisconsin woman, Lynn Sarver, and her roommate woke up on New Year’s Day to find a drunk guy passed out, sleeping in their dog’s bed, next to their 150lb Mastiff. The man supposedly found a side door that was unlocked, let himself in, found the dog bed, and went to sleep right next to the woman. A drunk ALWAYS finds a bed.

Someway. Somehow.

A drunk person is completely useless, but will find a way to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions. It’s quite remarkable.

He’s lucky the dog was chill as fuck, too.

Sarver woke up in the early morning hours and naturally freaked out until she realized it was a harmless degenerate sleeping in her dog’s bed. She called the cops, and said the guy was very cooperative. She declined to press charges according to CBS – nice move on her part.

Happy New Year!

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