AJ McLean Is Back With A New Song Called (Shocker) “Friday Night”

It’s getting harder and harder to decide which AJ McLean song I hate the most.

This new one, very creatively titled “Friday Night,” might be the worst one yet, but it’s really anyone’s guess. At this point the lines are so blurred between “Back Porch Bottle Service,” Night Visions,” and now this one, that I don’t even really know where one dumpster fire ends and the next one begins. Name-dropping his pals from “Georgia Line” and lyrics that go “drinks up like mmmm, mmmm, drinks down like mmmm, mmmm,” “Friday Night” is just another stepping stone on McLean’s short path to “disrupting country music,” AKA ruining it.

“Kind of a feel-good record, kind of that end of the night, hanging out with friends at the bar, closing time type song, but with a bit of a twist.”

Yeah, whatever…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock