Sam Hunt Has Disappeared, Hasn’t Posted Anything In 13 Months

Where is Sam Hunt?

You have one army of fans desperately waiting for new music after his most-recent single, “Downtown’s Dead,” just barely cracked the Top 15 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. Based on his past success, that single has to be considered a failure. We got used to hearing a Hunt song and knowing it would go #1, but things are always changing.

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There’s another segment of fans that can’t stand the fact Sam Hunt sits within the country genre. These people are happy he’s disappeared. Very happy.

We had Wheeler Walker, Jr. on the podcast and asked him if he had Sam caged up somewhere to prevent new music, but he said no.

Sam has been very open about his musical tastes changing, his life changing (he got married in 2017 to Hannah Lee Fowler), and new interests. He isn’t forcing the new music. Throughout this time, he’s been with his wife doing plenty of charity work in Honduras and elsewhere.

It’s been about six months since he’s posted anything on social media as you’ll see on Instagram. The only posts from Twitter or Facebook come from his team for a merch sale or tour date in the summer, etc. Sam’s Instagram was always really well done, and artistic, with great photography, which makes the move a bit more peculiar.

Then again, the new “hip” thing to do is go silent, then delete all your posts, then make some triumphant comeback, so who knows.

His last Instagram post…

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Prior to this past summer, he started teasing a new song “Nothing Lasts Forever,” but there’s no word of this being the new single as of yet.

A demo of him singing Craig Morgan’s “We’ll Come Back Around” also surfaced, but without much context it’s difficult to know when this was recorded, and if he plans to actually cut it. It’s a new year, and I assume there will be new Sam Hunt music soon, but don’t hold your breath.

Regardless of when the music is released, expect some level of surprise to come with it.

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