Oregon Now Allows Roadkill For Food, State Reminds People They Can’t Hit Deer Or Elk On Purpose

A deer with antlers in the woods

Oregon passed an interesting new law that went into effect on January 1st, 2019…

Roadkill can now be taken home for food.

This law means that any deer or elk struck by vehicles can now legally be salvaged in Oregon using a free online permit that will be available at www.odfw.com/roadkill.

In order to legally salvage roadkill deer and elk, the online permit needs to be completed within 24 hours of bringing the animal home.

“Only deer and elk accidentally struck by a vehicle may be salvaged and for human consumption of the meat only,” the release said. “Intentionally hitting a deer or elk remains unlawful.”

These are the times we’re living in – when people have to be reminded that intentionally using their car as a weapon to kill wild animals is illegal.

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photo credit: Andrew Swinbank / Shutterstock.com

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