Drunk Idiot Pulls A Gun On Security At Nashville’s Honky Tonk Central

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If you’ve been to Broadway on Nashville, you’ve been to Honky Tonk Central.

A staple on Nashville’s Lower Braodway, Honky Tonk Central is 3 floors of good-time chaos. Live music everywhere you go, tequila shots that have no business being as big as they are, it’s a madhouse and I love it. In fact, I’ve been kicked off there myself for “having too much fun,” and that’s a direct quote. Me and Steve had a few tequilas, got those dancing shoes on and the next thing we know, Kenny Rogers nephew is kindly removing us from that fine establishment. True story. No hard feelings.

This, was nothing like that…

According to NBC News 4, two off-duty police officers subdued a man who pulled a gun on bar security after he was denied entry to the bar around 1am Saturday. Police say Kevin O’Donnell, 50, attempted to rush through the doorway of the bar after he was denied entry by staff. Security staff then attempted to physically remove O’Donnell from the establishment. Once they did, O’Donnell punched the security guard in the chest and sprayed him in the face with mace.

An unknown bystander helped the staff pull the suspect to the ground to try and put him in custody. While on the ground, police said O’Donnell pulled a revolver out of his pocket. Two off-duty, out-of-county sheriff’s deputies nearby spotted the suspect and were able to disarm him before he pulled the trigger.

O’Donnell is charged with public intoxication, criminal trespass, assault, weapon possession under the influence of alcohol, and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon… AKA lots of time in jail.

Good God dude… it’s a bar that looks pretty much like every other one on Broadway. Go to a different one, it’s nothing worth shooting someone over. Not exactly the hot take of the year right here, but drunk people are stupid.

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