Was New York City Attacked By Aliens Last Night?


New Yorkers were stunned last night when an eerie blue light filled the sky, reminiscent of something from a doomsday alien movie. However, city officials have confirmed that a faulty piece of equipment charged with 138,000 volts of electricity erupted into an “electrical arc flash” at a New York Con Edison substation.

“It’s like a thunder-and-lightning event,” explained Con Ed spokesman Bob McGee. “The loud bangs people heard were likely related to the arc striking the ground grid on the substation from a piece equipment that’s 20 feet up in the air and carrying 138,000 volts.”

Let’s be honest, if aliens did launch a massive invasion, they would hit New York first. The Empire City, the Big Apple… not some random farmer’s field in Kansas.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock