Drunk People In This Michigan Town Keep Accidentally Breaking Into Homes

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Look, I’m going to be honest.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t surprising (to me). What’s surprising is that it hasn’t happened to me or anyone I know.

Police in the Michigan town of Ferndale are saying drunk people are accidentally breaking into homes at an alarming rate because nobody locks their doors.

They say it’s happening often, and consistently.

Many of the homes look similar, so people black out, stumble around, see a fuzzy version of what appears to be home, and the rest is history. Make yourself comfy. According to WXYZ, in one case, a man and his wife had just moved into a home in Ferndale when they told police a stranger knocked on their bathroom door.

That’s fucking horrifying but hilarious because it didn’t happen to me.

Imagine opening your bathroom door and some drunk asshole is there asking you who you are and why you’re in his house that’s actually your house? What a hoot. Lock ya doors, folks.

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