After A Unique Journey, Jill Martin Releases Knockout New EP, ‘The Locals’

Jill Martin can SING.

If you’ve been to a Logan Mize concert you know this. Logan, Jill’s husband, often brings Jill out for some surprise duets which bring the roof down. Mize gushed about Jill’s talent on our podcast a while back – check that episode out here.

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Jill has been singing her entire life, starting at senior citizen dances with a band her great grandpa started. As you’ll see with “Loretta,” Jill is a huge fan of classic country music.

A while back, she auditioned for Nashville Star and made it to the round right before the final cut – John Rich pulled her aside and told her to get her ass to Nashville. So, she did. Shortly, after, she met Logan. The two had mutual friends from Kansas and grew up 30 miles from each other but didn’t meet until Nashville. If you believe in fate, that’s fate. Fast forward a couple years later, after a stint on American Idol and getting married, Jill found out she was pregnant – her and Logan now have two children.

Jill took a break from her singing career during this time, staying home with the young kids while Logan hit the road, grinding away.

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Jill said that she feels like she “has a lot to say and write about now that I am a little older. I think country music is missing that view point today. All these dudes are singing about small town girls, but I miss hearing it from the girl’s perspective. That was kind of my goal with this project. I wanted to sing about real life and I wanted to be as honest as I could be.”

She wrote every song on the EP, The Locals, with Logan (“The Girl With You” and “Meet Me In Montana” were co-written with Blake Chaffin). The EP was produced by Logan Mize & Ryan Gore.

Enjoy some real deal country music.

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