Pedialyte Cuts The Bullsh*t, Starts Marketing To Hungover Adults

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We’ve been drinking Pedialyte here at Whiskey Riff long before it was cool to post about it.

It’s a life-saver. And has saved ours many, many, times. We’ve wiped Targets clean of product, only to have the cashier ask if we had some really sick children at home.

“No ma’am , we just plan on drinking more than we should.” – us 6 years ago.

Until recently, Pedialyte didn’t really talk about its use with hangovers much. That’s all changing. We recently got this special NYE gift box from them, as did some other lucky users.

That’s right. Ring in the New Year with Pedialyte. Not just any Pedialyte, but a new concoction called “Sparkling Rush.” It’s the same ‘Lyte you always loved, but fizzy/carbonated. More of an adult thing, I guess. We all know the amount of people hooked on La Croix like it’s heroin. I guess carbonation is cool.

I’ve been to grocery stores recently where I’ve seen Pedialyte displays next to the liquor section – they ain’t hiding this shit anymore. They even have a new Advanced Care formula that turns you into a well-oiled machine, reviving you from your raisin state.

If you aren’t on board yet, hop on.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock